Husky Rescue WA


Consider a rescue dog and forever be rewarded with cuddles and laughter...

Looking for that special friend? Husky Rescue WA is excited to have an opportunity to help you find your new family member!

Old, young or anywhere in between, our dogs have lots of love to give and are waiting for their furever loving new homes.

New to the Arctic Breeds? Learn about the breeds here and find out if the breeds’ unique characteristics are a match for your family and lifestyle.

If you are familiar with the breeds and want to see who is available, check out Our Available Dogs.

If you have small pets please research the breeds before making an application as most rescued arctic breed dogs are not suitable for small pets ie cats rabbits, birds chickens etc.

What are the steps of an Adoption?

Expression of Interest -  Expression of Interest Application Form 

Please fill in an EOI if you think you can give a good home to one of our rescue babies or would like to be placed on our waiting list.

Please include as much  information about your family as well as photos of your yard to be possibly considered as a home for a HUSKY RESCUE DOG. 

We will get back to you as soon as we can but if your criteria doesn't match any dogs in rescue we may not be able to process your application until the right dog comes into rescue.

Please supply us with as much information as possible to ensure possible success of your application. Also be aware this is not a guarantee of getting a dog.

All applications are kept for 3-6 months; if you have not been successful in that time please reapply after this period.