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Foster A husky

Foster Homes provide either short and/or long term accommodation for the huskies once we rescue them from pounds.

Short term foster homes are more frequently needed for the urgent recovery of huskies from pounds until a long term foster or permanent home can be found.

Long term fostering is only required, to allow some dogs to pass through and receive medical attention that may be required.

If you are interested in fostering, please email us at 

We also recommend that you check out our Useful Links, to find further information on the husky as a breed.


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  • The foster home will provide the rescue dog with an adequately fenced yard and walk the dog on a leash regularly.  At no time will any dog be allowed to run loose while unattended outside of the fenced yard of the foster home.
  • The foster individual/s, if away from home for more than 24 hours, will advise the rescue coordinator, so that alternative arrangements can be made for the dog.
  • The foster home acknowledges that their residence, if rented, permits pets pursuant to the lease, or by special permission of the landlord or resident manager
  • The rescue dog will never be attack or guard trained or used as a property guard dog.  Further, this dog will not be used in any aspect of animal fighting.  The fostering party(s) have been given information regarding housing Siberian Husky or similar breed with other animals and understand that these breeds are not good with small animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens etc and can chase and harm these animals.  The fostering party(s)  agree to keep the dog  separated from such animals and understand the potential consequences of housing the dog with such other animals.
  • The foster family will provide the rescue dog with all the care and attention necessary to ensure its health and wellbeing. All costs of feeding the dog a balanced diet will be borne by the fostering party(s). Discussion with one of the rescue coordinators before any vet visit. The fostering party(s) will notify the rescue coordinator/s immediately of the rescue dogs, death, accident or serious illness.
  • In the event the rescue dog is lost or stolen, the foster individual/s will contact the rescue coordinator/s immediately and make all reasonable attempts to locate the dog and will provide the Police with any details that may be required.
  • The foster individual/s shall not give, lease, or otherwise transfer custody of the rescue dog to any other person, or to any business or organisation, except to return the dog to Husky Rescue WA.
  • The foster individual/s will promptly notify the rescue coordinator of all or any changes in residence, mailing address, email address and/or telephone number. In the event of a change of residence, a new fence check and foster contract is required to be completed.
  • The foster individuals must notify the rescue coordinator within 24 hours of any bite by the rescue dog inflicted on a human or another animal not owned by the foster individuals.
  • The foster individual/s agree/s to immediately surrender custody of the rescue dog back to Husky Rescue WA upon demand.  The foster individual/s agree/s that the foster individual/s has/have no legal ownership and will not obtain any legal rights to the rescue dog in their care.
  • In the event that the foster individual/s wish to adopt the rescue dog in their care, the rescue coordinator/s will be advised as soon as possible, as during the foster period Husky Rescue WA will continue to seek a permanent home for the rescue dog.
  • If it becomes necessary to litigate in connection with any dispute concerning the rescue dog directly under the care of the foster home, the foster individual/s agree/s to pay all court costs and reasonable attorney fees.
  • The foster individual/s recognise/s that although Husky Rescue WA has made reasonable efforts to provide a rescue dog which is compatible with the fostering party(s) environment, the foster home agrees that the Husky Rescue WA does not warrant the temperament or behaviour of the rescue Siberian Husky and that the Husky Rescue WA is not to be held liable for any acts of the rescue Siberian Husky while living with the foster individual/s.  The foster family agrees to notify the rescue coordinator immediately if they believe the temperament or behaviour of the rescue dog is incompatible with the foster home environment.
  • The fostering party(s) state that they have reasonable knowledge about the proper care of a dog and more specifically, Siberian Husky or similar breed dogs and the foster home agrees to be responsible for the proper supervision of the rescue dog in their possession.  If Husky Rescue WA suffers any damages or legal costs as a result of the negligent supervision of the rescue dog in a foster home’s care, the fostering party(s) agree/s to indemnify Husky Rescue WA for all such damages and costs.
  • The fostering party(s) acknowledge/s that the purpose of Husky Rescue WA in establishing the conditions in this agreement is to safeguard the health and wellbeing of the rescue dog, to protect the rescue dog against neglect, abuse and cruelty, and to temporarily house the rescue dog until a permanent home is found.  The fostering party(s) enter/s into this agreement freely and with knowledge.